About Us

Bostonartcc we form a group of professionals from different disciplines, convinced of the importance of water since life develops on our planet from it. Therefore, we believe that access to quality water for all living beings is a basic and unquestionable right.

We also believe in the right to respect and make respect all the ecosystems of the planet, as an essential fact for the continuity of life, at least as we understand it up to the present.

Therefore, we propose a change of attitude both individual and collective towards saving, non-pollution, water reuse as much as is within our reach and most essential, rethinking processes and systems that allow to avoid the strong contamination of water. In this sense and to facilitate the implementation of this new culture, we put at your disposal both abundant information and material elements to carry it out.

Thus, the products we offer are chosen within the international offer with criteria of the highest quality with respect to three criteria:

    • Obtain maximum efficiency by achieving the best water purity, within the obvious limitations of each technology.
    • Guarantee a high durability of the equipment, minimizing its subsequent maintenance, choosing reliable and contrasted suppliers.
    • Be the most respectful of the environment, for its lower consumption of consumables and water for its operation.


On the other hand, our sales, installation and maintenance service is impeccable, clear and professional, with which you will always have the certainty of being well attended.

Any forgetting, error or absence that you find in these pages, we thank you for letting us know so that we can correct it immediately.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and trust.