What do you think on How much water should you drink a day in litres?
Posted on: May 18, 2019
How much water should you drink a day in litres

Water Intake Everyday

Water covers about 60 percent of our body mass. Which means majority of our body is filled with water. The water is mainly present in the blood and without which the body functioning would become next to impossible. Being very important for the survival of all living beings, we all should get a doubt as on How much water should your drink a day in liters? The answer is pretty simple and suggested by most of the doctors and health experts. It is important to regularly hydrate your body or in simple terms, to drink water on a regular basis. The doctors and health experts suggest do drink about 2 liters of water daily, that is about eight 8 ounce glasses, and is known as the 8×8 rule. That is about half a gallon. It is important to maintain this balance as anything more or less, can or may create problems. Let us look further into it.

Benefits of Drinking Water

There would be no harm in drinking more water and hydrate your body on a regular basis. It is for your own good and important for you to drink the required amount daily. Drinking good amount of water helps in increasing your brain power and energy levels in your body. It provides a mental boost, as brain od made of 73% of water. To all the people who wish to lose weight, here is a fact that drinking water promotes healthy weight management and helps in weight loss as well. It also helps in flushing out all the toxins from your body. It helps in maintaining your complexion and helps in keeping your skin lively. It also boosts your immune system and prevents any cramps or sprains.

What would happen if we don’t drink enough water as suggested?

Not drinking enough water would get you feel constipated, which is not a very good sign for a healthy body. You may not like to talk about your stools, but you have opt for it. Drinking less water would make you feel lethargic and a bit lazy and dizzy while working or exercising. The skin texture would not look as lively as it should be. The color won’t change but yes, it might seem a bit dull. You could face trouble in focusing on your work and tasks, the majority of the mass of your brain is made up of water and without it, you might face a mental distress. By not drinking water, your muscles can get crampy and bit sore, making it difficult for you to move due to the cramps. You would also certainly develop a bad breath which can make people around you a bit uncomfortable when they talk to you. 

Can we replace water with other drinks or beverages for drinking?

Replacing water with beverages on a regular intake is something like you are risking your life upon. If you consume more of other beverages than water, you might face serious problems regarding your health and it can also end up your life. Let’s consider soda. By replacing water with soda would be life self-destruction for you. Too much of soda in the body and blood could get you dizzy and create an imbalance in the functioning of the body. If you consider the natural juices, yes they are healthy but not fit to replace water. The natural juices of different fruits and vegetables are either acidic or basic. Water is neutral and is important to maintain the balance in the body. Acidity or basicity in the body could create problems in the functioning of the organs itself.


Dehydration occurs when the body does not get the amount of water it requires. It occurs when you lose more fluid from your body and have not reimbursed it properly. Every one of us get dehydrated at some point, but our body can take it. But dehydration can become a serious problem to young children and old adults as their bodies can’t cope up with Dehydration. It can lead to severe vomiting and diarrhea in children and in adults too.  Dehydration can cause from mild to severe problems in our body. Mild and moderate dehydration can be cured by consuming the fluids but severe dehydration is quite dangerous and is suggested to go for immediate medication.

Over Hydration-

Everything to a limit is fine. If you exceed the limit, you will surely face problems. This is in the case of water too. Over hydration rarely occurs any problems as good functioning kidneys remove the excess of water from your body. But a few people do face problem due to over hydration. It is important to follow the general or universal rule of the intake of water, that is 2 liters a day as it would be enough to support your body. By drinking too much water or by over hydrating yourselves, you will be reducing the sodium levels in your body and low sodium levels in the blood are certainly dangerous. But don’t you worry to get over hydrated you need to consume about 6 gallons of water daily which is technically not possible too.

Hence, you might now get a clear picture on How much water should your drink a day in liters? Well, it is important to consider the fact that a person needs to maintain a balance on the intake of the water to prevent both dehydration and over hydration. A person cannot deny the intake of water and replace it with any other fluid or beverage too. Intake of water has its own benefits and importance. It is quite difficult to ignore all of these benefits of drinking good amount of water. We need to consider these facts and understand that replacing water on drinking would be like self-destruction. Hence, a person needs to drink about 2 liters of water daily on a regular basis to maintain a healthy and a fruitful life for a long time.

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