How To Use A Tap And Die Set In-Depth Discussion
Posted on: May 18, 2019
How To Use A Tap And Die Set

Steps to Follow for Using a Tap and Die Set

If one works in a garage or is in the repair business then they how important is a good tap and die set. One should have a good tap and die set to get good results even if one is simply planning to use it for household purposes and minor repair works. Therefore one should exactly know how to use a tap and die set and how to choose the right set among various other options.

What is a tap and die set?

In general words, a tap and die set is a tool kit which is extensively used by the engineers, mechanics, and repairmen for threading. Threading is a process by which one can create threads of a screw.

A tap and die set includes taps which are creating the threads of a nut, which is the female part of the mating pair. Whereas a die is to create the threads on a bolt which is the male part of the mating pair. One can find various cutting and forming tools in the set. The entire process of creating threads of a nut is called as tapping and the process of creating threads on a bolt is called as threading.

Also, there are tools to clean a thread or called as chasing. And for this, a tap and die set usually have special types of taps and dies which are also called as chasers. These chasers make sure that the materials of the nut or bolt do not get wasted and the thread shall not become loose.  

Common taps and dies found in the set

There are several types of taps and dies that one can find in a set. Some of them are:

  • Plug tap: this is used to create threads inside a hole which is already partially threaded and it can also thread the blind hole’s bottom.
  • Taper tap: this type of taps are used to cut threads in certain materials which are not easy to work with like alloy steel.
  • Power taps: this tap is used for reverse rotation which in turn can break the chip.
  • Forming tap: also called as fluteless tap, and is used on the materials which are malleable.
  • Solid die: these are to create a thread with precision by a certain depth and form.
  • Adjustable die: these can be expanded and compressed to create different types of thread fittings.

How to use a tap and die set?

Using certain tools for any kind of work needs some practice and some patience. Same is with a tap and die set also, but it is not necessary that the one wanting to use these tools should highly train engineer or something. Everyone can learn how to use them only if they follow a certain step and practice a few times. So if one wants to know how to use a tap and die set, then read ahead:

Step 1: Thread number

Threading means creating threads in a nut or a bolt, thus the first thing to do is to decide what will be the thread number. Thread number is the number of threads that need to be created per inch of the object. This will entirely depend on the object and bolt, for this one can measure the number of threads in the lock or object using the bolt gauge.

Now after the thread number is decided one will have to choose the die (which is used to create threads on a bolt) for the right fit. One also need to makes sure that the wrench is in the right place so that it can guide the die and also hold it in an accurate position.

Step 2: Threading

This is the step where one will have to create the threads in a nut or the bolt. Before this first secure the lock so that the bol or the object does not move or less one can end up with partial threads and bad work. also, lubricate the metal properly otherwise it may emanate a lot of heat. 

Next one needs to put the die in a horizontal position on the object. Then with the help of a wench have to secure the die and bolt in the perfect position and as the die will move slowly, the threads will be created on the bolt. One should also reverse the turn by half after a certain number of turns. Reverse turns will help in easy slicing of the metal. check the bolt which should have gone through the die properly.

Step 3: Make a bolt out of a steel rod

Die sets are really useful if one wants to create bolt out of a simple rod made of steel. Firstly for this one has to convert the flat end of the rod into a beveled end. This can be done using a grinder as it will bevel the ends perfectly. After this lubricate the rod and then repeat the same procedure that is mentioned above to create a bolt with the desired number of threads. 

Step 4: Using the tap

Firstly one will have to choose the right size of the tap so that one can match it with the desired bolt. For creating threads, one needs to place the tap and then tighten in perfectly using the wench. After that one should start turning as the cutting end will go first and create threads perfectly.

Using Taps and Dies Video:

Choosing the right tap and die set

There are many varieties of tap and die sets in the market, and sometimes choosing the right one among all of them can be very difficult. For the right application and certain benefits, one should know their tools and choosing the correct tap and die set becomes crucial. If one pays a certain attention ot the details then the process of selection will become quite easier. Some of the factors to check are:

  • Steel: material of which a tool is made plays the most crucial part in the longevity of the set. Make sure that the tools in the set are made of high grade reinforced steel, which has perfect build quality. remember low-quality tools will not last long and will not give good end results either.
  • Build: how a tool is built will tell how the end result will be, therefore one should look for a tap and die set which has the tools with the better build quality. sometimes the pricier may be the better choice because then the build quality will be of superior type.
  • Size: a tap and die set should have tools in both sizes that are in metric and SAE.
  • Handle: the uncomfortable handle can lead to faulty workmanship, therefore choose a setting in which the handles are comfortable and not awkward in shape and usability.

Choosing the right tap and die set will also help one understand how the set works properly. One should choose t spend some money so that they can end up a tap and die set which will last of years even after repeated usage.

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