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Escape to the Cape 2014

It's that time of year again! On Saturday, September 20th, join the Boston ARTCC for its annual, Escape to the Cape, featuring the airports of Cape Cod and Southern New England. This event takes place in beautiful Cape Cod just as spring begins to make its way across the Northeast. this is the chance to fly into one of the most popular seasonal destinations in the United States. So, bring your favorite GA aircraft or jet and come discover one of the most beautiful scenes in the northeast! Who knows, you might want to stay!


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April 10, 2014

RNAV Departure Procedures:

Pilots who know prior to requesting clearance they will be unable to comply with an RNAV departure procedure should file the current Radar Vectored Departure Procedure (LOGANx) and/or advise the controller as they are requesting their clearance (e.g. "Boston Clearance Delivery, American 159 Heavy, requesting clearance to Los Angeles, unable to accept an RNAV Departure Procedure.").

All pilots are advised to review their departure clearances carefully, and if unable to comply with the clearance issued, advise the controller.


April 10, 2014

Default GPS Updates:

Have a default GPS that hasn't been updated since you bought FS9/FSX/P3D? Want to be able to fly with current AIRAC data loaded into your GPS?

Fellow pilot Herve' Sors has created and maintains a web page and databases containing updated Navaids and Fixes for FS9, FSX and P3D. Each link (one for Navaids, one for Fixes) includes an installer that makes life easy!

These files will enable pilots who utilize their default MSFS or P3D GPS the ability to recognize the current Navaids and Fixes in their GPS. Pilots can then fly waypoint to waypoint via their default GPS, enabling them to fly RNAV Procedures.

The files may be found here: They are fully <i>donationware</i>, as described on Herve's home page

The Boston ARTCC would like to thank fellow VATSIM pilots Matt Poet, Trystan Verf and Graham Mitchell, who have provided ZBW and KBOS-specific navaid updates in the past. If you were using one of their previous files, you'll want to deactivate or delete those before using this new update. Otherwise you will likely have many duplicate waypoints, with some of them being inaccurate as some of the waypoints have recently moved.

With these updates, it is possible to fly RNAV DPs (and STARs as well) by using the GPS. It's a bit of plugging in direct-to waypoints fast and furious right after takeoff, but it can certainly be done. Alternatively, one can use vRoute (and other tools) to create and download FS9/FSX/P3D flight plans which can then be downloaded into the default GPS and allow lateral (not vertical) navigation via the default autopilot.

A discussion of RNAV DPs may be found here.

May 11, 2011

Boston ARTCC -- Where Excellence is Routine! - By Don Desfosse at 12:00 AM

Boston ARTCC

Click to view this video that captures the pure essence of what it's all about at ZBW....

July 14, 2010

New Boston Logan Taxiway Layout Now In Use! - By Don Desfosse at 08:00 PM

The taxiway layout at Boston Logan airport (KBOS) has changed. Affected and new taxiways include: Alpha, Alpha-1, Alpha-2, Bravo, Delta, Echo, Echo-1, Echo-2, Golf, Kilo, & Mike. We realize that use of the current layout will differ from default scenery found in FS2004, FSX and XPlane. However, it has been over 2.5 years since many of the configuration changes took effect, and a majority of pilots are now using add-on scenery and/or current charts, so it was causing more confusion to provide guidance using the old, default configuration.

As there are now a number of commercial, VA and freeware scenery updates available to pilots, we will now provide ground control service consistent with the NEW (current real) taxiway configuration, unless a pilot specifically advises the controller he/she has default scenery and is not able to accept a taxi route via the new taxiway configuration.

As of now, we are aware that the following software vendors have current and accurate payware KBOS scenery available:

There are a few freeware versions available by searching the internet, with varying quality. If you know of any that you feel are very good quality, please email that information to atm -at- If possible, also include a screenshot of overhead the airport, so we may evaluate taxiway layout accuracy (any other screenshots welcome also).

We certainly appreciate your patience as we transition to the new taxiway configuration.

Edit 26 Aug 2010: BluePrint v1.3.x released; fully compatible with RW layout and controller files.
Edit 04 Oct 2010: FlyTampa v3.2 released; fully compatible with RW layout and controller files.