Position Restrictions Policy


The vZBW ARTCC utilizes position restrictions to ensure that both pilots and controllers in our airspace have a positive and enjoyable online experience. These restrictions are applied to all who control in Boston ARTCC airspace, regardless of controller rating or assigned ARTCC/Division.

The vZBW ARTCC currently has one designated Major airport/airspace with associated facilities and positions:

These field(s) and associated positions will require additional training and certification before a controller will be authorized to work in a solo capacity at that position.

Any controller wishing to control within ZBW airspace must be listed on our roster as either a full ARTCC member or Visiting Controller. To gain Visiting Controller status within vZBW, please see the vZBW Visiting Controllers Policy.

At your discretion, you may choose to enroll in the Minor Track or the Major Track. The Major Track allows you to control our Major airfields and/or airspace. Currently, Boston (KBOS/A90) is our only airfield/airspace designated as Major airspace.

NOTE: Any controller wishing to control any Center/Enroute position in vZBW must join and complete the Major Track, as the CTR position involves working all major positions.

vZBW position restrictions and certifications are based on demonstrated performance rather than controller rating. This more closely mirrors real-world controller certification and should allow each controller to progress according to his ability.

Position Restrictions


vZBW Training Program Position Restrictions

All controllers are welcome and encouraged to join the vZBW Training program. vZBW's training program is robust and in-depth and will provide an excellent and rewarding challenge to the controller. Having a vZBW certification means that, as a controller, you will be recognized as having an exceptional knowledge and skill with ATC procedures. You will also find a great sense of community within the vZBW training program, as everyone is there to help each other. The detailed training outline can be found on our website. Any controller joining the vZBW Training program will agree to be bound by the following position restrictions:

General Conditions

Positions for Certification

Certification will be achieved via oral testing and online observation by a mentor or instructor at each of the following positions. Here is the list of current vZBW certifications. Please note that these certifications are in order from least permissive to most permissive. In other words, if you are certified for Class C APP, you may also work TWR, GND and DEL at any Class C/D facility.

Minor Track

Major Track



Any controller found controlling any position within vZBW without the required certifications will be asked to and should disconnect from that position, and reconnect at a position they are certified for. Refusal to do so will result in a Supervisor being called and a possible disconnection from the network with a referral to DCRM (Conflict Resolution) and possible disciplinary action. Controllers found to be repeatedly connecting at positions they are not certified for will be referred to the ATM and DATM and possible referral to DCRM.